Birds Nest


Bone China Porcelain

I was sitting outside looking out into the lake as birds were flying in a flock in front of me. They switched from direction to direction seeming like they were one mind but yet so free. Their movement and the shape of the flock made me wonder if I could capture this dynamic in porcelain.
I experimented for days and came up with my first work in the Bird Series – The Bird’s Nest.
It all snowballed from there. The birds symbolize the concept of freedom for me - freedom in all of its connotations: Liberty, political freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, religious freedom, academic and scientific freedom and individual freedom from society’s constraints. Obtaining freedom and nurturing freedom is a fragile thing. My porcelain birds appear so fragile but that is just an illusion because fired porcelain is hard and strong. Does a free society have to have its firing or crucible experience to be the initiators and worthy stewards of freedom? What about the individual? As I created the bird series these thoughts were flitting in and out of my mind, just like the birds flitting here and there as I watched in awe.
I invite my viewers to make their own stories and hopefully they inspire themselves with freedom’s possibilities.